Fiber Boys

What are Fiber Boys?

Only a very few males born are good enough to be kept for breeding. The males that do not fit into our breeding program for a number of reasons are sold at a reduced price as fiber producers only. Most of them sell for about the same as a dog. They do not come with papers and are not usually registered.

The other use for non-breeding males is as pet stock or in some cases as therapy animals. We sold a male as a therapy animal to be trained to work in old folk homes. They can travel in a Mini Van so are very easy to transport for school visits, community functions and what every you can think of. Not every alpaca will work well in a therapy situation. Alpacas that are friendly and like people are the ones you would seek out for this function. And yes we do have a couple that would fit do the job.

Some people just like the alpacas and would like a some for their hobby farm as something different, easy to look after, economical to feed and keep. Remember that alpacas are a herd animal and can not be kept by them selves. There are stories of alpacas actually dyeing because they were alone. So when you go to get them remember you must have at least two.


PSA Elfin

2006_elfin_springBorn: Aug.14,2006
Sire: Vivian’s Victor
Dame: TNC I’m a Head Turner

Elfin would make any spinner happy has he has wonderfully soft beautiful mahogany colored fleece with a very nice crimp and handle to his fibre.

Elfin is a fibre boy because he just doesn’t fit with our breeding program and we can not use him. He has no physical problems of any kind and is a strong healthy boy.