Herd Sires

We are in our 10th. year of breeding alpacas but are not strangers to farming as we use to breed warmblood horses. We have used the passing years to learn as much as we could from as far away as Peru, Atlanta Georgia and all points east in Canada and the US. I have attended as many work shops and clinics as possible and at every one I learn something of value to help us move forward in our breeding program. We are breeding for fibre first, every thing else is second.

Each male has noted bloodlines behind them. All our males are easy to work with and get along well with each other. They are always insistent but gentle with their girl friends.

Some of the bloodlines behind our males are; 4Peruvian Accoyo’s Juliaca, Westwool’s Fredrico, Pperuvian Felix, Jolimont 2Peruvian Alpamayo, Coyo Destini, Cperuvian Zhivago, Cperuvian Accoyo Artic, Acero Marka’s Rockamundo, Lionel, Bolivian Ice Man, Peruvian Bueno, Pperuvian El Mustachio, Cortez.


PSA Lord Buckingham Brew

buckweb_ed_edited-1Born June 30, 2003
Sire Cperuvian Zhivago
Dam Melena Brew

We are very proud of our Buckie, as his first cria PSA Emma Peel took reserve color champion at the Pacific Coast Alpaca Show 2007 . The judges comments were that Emma’s fleece was uniform and consistent throughout and the blanket with good density, fineness and character.

Buckie is an unusual color and is turning gray as he ages. He was born a fawn with a few orange spots, which as he grays gives him a light rosy color. We believe he is a “fading fawn”, which is a rare colour type.

He has good density, crimp and uniformity. These traits along with his color makes him a good stud prospect. His grandsires Zhivago and Lionel have passed along their excellent conformation and an almost perfect head.

Lord Buckingham Brew age 3 months.

Lord Buckingham Brew age 3 months.



Emma Peel, Buckie's first cria 2006

Emma Peel, Buckie’s first cria 2006

Emma won Fawn Female Reserve Champion
2007 Pacific Coast Alpaca Show




large akon spring 09_edited-2Born: 9/12/06
Sire: Cortez (T. Black)
Dam: IAOC Crystal Ice (white)

Akon is a very welcomed addition to our alpaca family. He has extreme density, uniformity with tight crimpy bundling in his pencil fine locks.

In 2009 Akon was in two shows where he came in reserved fawn champion at the Pacific Coast Alpaca Show and third in the Alpaca Canada National Fleece show.

Besides being a handsome male he comes from top bloodlines going back to HCLA Bolivian Ice Man and Acero Marka’s Rockamundo on his dams side. His sire, a true black, is a top color producing stud at International Alpacas and sure to bring some lovely color to our herd.

Akon settled his first females at 17 months of age. He is a gentle but instant breeder. He is a joy to handle and has a good easy going personality.

Akon has been bred to number of our females for spring 2010 cria. Females can still be purchased before birthing at single purchase prices and they come with a free breeding, an excellent value, three for the price of one.

 Two of Akon’s beautiful daughters 2009

akon & emmas cria 2010 copy_edited-1 Akons Tika 2009_edited-3




RFA Skywalker

DCF 1.0Born Sept.10, 2001
Sire Coyo Destini
Dam Jolimont Peruvian
Banksia Imp A98

Skywalker is half accoyo and full Peruvian with an ultra-fine, dense, bright white fleece.

Not only does he come from a wonderful sire, Coyo Destini, but his dam, Banksia, is outstanding as well with a 21 micron count at the age of eight!

Stud fee: $1700

ARI & CLAA registered.

Junior Herdsire Potential


P.S.A. Gabriel

Gabe spring2010_edited-3Born: 5/25/2008
Sire: Westwool’s Fredrico (beige)
Dam: Mystic Garden’s Katie (light)

We are looking for big things from this guy who is maturing into a nice macho male.

In 2009 Gabe was shown twice. He came in first at the Pacific Coast Alpaca Show and second in the Alpaca Canada’s National Fleece show.

Gabriel is a full 7/8 peruivan and is over 1/2 accoyo. His bloodlines are excellent going to Fredrico, Pperuvian Felix and Juliaca on the top and on his dams side Peruvian Alpamayo and Ppperuvian ElMoustachio. These are top notch bloodlines in Canada or the United States.

He has good fibre stats and amazingly bright fleece. 20.3/ 3.2/ 15.6/ %>30=0.8

If he is willing this spring, we will give him the opportunity to go on a few dates.


Fibre Males

Sorry none at this time, sold out.

If your are looking for good fibre males from a reputable farm I may be able to help you

What are Fibre Boys?

Only a very few males born are good enough to be kept for breeding. If males do not fit into our breeding program they are sold at a reduced price as fiber producers only. Most of them sell for about the same as a dog. They do not come with papers and are not usually registered.

The other use for non-breeding males is as pet stock, or in some cases as therapy animals. We sold a male as a therapy animal to be trained to work in retirement homes. They can travel in a Mini Van so are very easy to transport for school visits, community functions or what ever you can think of. Not every alpaca will work well in a therapy situation. Alpacas that are friendly and like people are the ones you would seek out for this function. And yes we do have a couple that would do the job.

Some people just like the alpacas and want some for their hobby farm as something different, easy to look after and economical to feed and keep. Remember that alpacas are a herd animal and can not be kept by themselves. There are stories of alpacas actually dying because they were alone. So when you purchase alpacas remember that you must have at least two, but three is better.